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The Biodynamic agricultural movement began at the turn of the last century following a series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner to 100 famers and landowners. Concerned about the poor content of soil and the move towards chemical mineralisation in industrial farming, he spoke in earnest and encouraged them to embrace a way of farming, much more in tune with the cycles and energy present in nature. The result of these lectures was the birth of the biodynamic movement, the oldest 'green' farming movement and a forerunner of organic farming and the Soil Association.
As well as following the more familiar rules of organic farming, the biodynamic approach also plants and tends crops in line with the moon's sidereal cycle; the progression of the moon through the constellations. Since ancient times the twelve zodiac constellations have been associated with the each of the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Three constellations are connected to each element, and each element is related to a part of the plant: earth – root; water – leaf; air – flower; fire – fruit. This gives the gardener a clear calendar of activities in tune with the forces of the cosmos, and acknowledges greater forces at work in nature than just man!
Crops and compost are treated with a unique range of biodynamic herbal and mineral preparations to enliven and vitalise soil and plant life. These are profoundly important, and with soil life underpinning healthy and lively growth, the biodynamic compost heap often occupies centre stage.
To find out more about this fascinating and rewarding method of working with the land, visit the home of the Biodynamic Association via our link below.

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