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Dedicated to Wellbeing - for over 100 years!


A holistic approach to healthcare is very much at the heart of Weleda products. As a trusted biodynamically produced skincare and healthcare range, Exmoor Wellbeing have chosen Weleda to supply our therapists' treatment cupboards!
At the very core of  Weleda's philosophy is the desire to heal and to promote healthy living. Which is exactly in tune with our approach at the centre. We believe that leading a balanced lifestyle can help you stay well; however, if you are ill, a holistic approach to healthcare can help to stimulate your body's own natural healing capacity.


Weleda's holistic approach to healthcare is deeply rooted in their heritage. 90 years ago in Switzerland, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, founded Weleda in partnership with Dr. Ita Wegman, a medical doctor. They developed a personal approach to healthcare which takes into consideration the individual as well as the illness, and uses natural ingredients that work holistically to support the body's own healing capacity. Today, Weleda still believe natural ingredients truly provide what a body needs to be vibrant and well. And, they put  health and wellbeing above all else.

As a pharmaceutical company Weleda control their whole supply chain, sometimes even down to the field or tree the ingredient comes from, so you can be assured a Weleda product is of the highest quality available. Their teams of scientists carefully process the ingredients, using their expertise and insights into 'nature's wisdom', ensuring the purest plant essence is extracted as a whole and activated to realise its potential. Their healthcare experts create holistic formulations to work on a physical and an emotional level. Every ingredient provides a health benefit, not as cheap filler or to make a fashionable marketing claim.

Exmoor Wellbeing Centre have an on-site Weleda advisor ready to share this approach to health with you. To find out more, or to buy products direct, visit our Weleda shop.

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