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Ocean Rocks


In nature, we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else.


At Exmoor Wellbeing Centre, our philosophy is based upon connection. From our bio-dynamic gardens to our cycle of events throughout the year, we strive to be that connection point underpinning genuine wellbeing. With the epidemic of dis-eases of depression and anxiety in our modern society, often disconnect is found to be at the core. Exmoor Wellbeing offers connection and ways to connect in a unique approach to supporting health and wellbeing. We are a place where people can come and connect to experience wellbeing and learn skills to take away into everyday life. Whether that is through a gardening day, a yoga class, a sound bath or a health course, we hope to offer something for everyone to begin, or continue their wellness journey.

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Focused on Connection

Through the body

The yoga offered at Exmoor Wellbeing Centre re-establishes the connection between the human body and the mind, and the human mind and the spirit; as well as our wider connection with society, the world around us and the cosmos. This connection experienced through  yoga asanas, massage and sound therapy has a profound effect on mental health and wellbeing, as well as impacting the health and mobility of the body.

Through the mind

The courses at Exmoor Wellbeing are designed to empower our participants. Rather than engendering a sense of reliance on practitioners, courses are designed to give clients tools to use to aid their own health and wellbeing in their day to day life.


Through our therapies

The therapies we offer underpin this ideal of individual, responsible health care and give our clients a direct experience of the deep wellbeing possible when you have a sense of involvement and choice in your own health and wellbeing. We offer discounted rates for clients booking regular treatments, whether as part of a responsive treatment plan, or as a maintenance programme.

Through our products

Weleda products are used in all our treatments. As bio-dynamically produced products, they are in harmony with the earth and the human being and absolutely in harmony with our approach at Exmoor Wellbeing. Consultations for health and skincare offer clients the chance to deepen their understanding of this unique approach to health and skin health, and connect them with a natural and pro-active approach to being part of nature.

Through the land

The bio-dynamic gardens at Periton House are being established to function in a rhythm that connects us to the earth and wider cosmos. Following ancient planting patterns linking plants to the movements of the sun, moon and planets, provides us with a feeling of connection to a wider cosmos and a sense of working with nature in clear harmony. This underlying rhythm is useful for us to re-establish our connection with our wider environment, to understand our place within a much bigger system and aid our sense of belonging and place, which impacts positively on our mental health and wellbeing.

Through tradition

Our biodynamic practitioner offers connection through event days honouring the eight cross-quarters of the Celtic year. Using solar and lunar marker points creates an annual rhythm of connection familiar to our ancestors and provides a sense of the progression and cycle of the seasons to root us back into our natural annual cycle.

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