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Short Courses

We believe in the sharing of knowledge and supported practice as a route to a healthy and enriched life. Exmoor Wellbeing offers a range of short courses throughout the year to empower and educate.

 Contact us to book your place or find out more information.


Unwind the Mind

A course to support mental health and general wellbeing.

Join us for a six week course about understanding the mind and developing healthy mental habits, working towards a meditation practice you can take home.


Helen is a Trauma-Informed Practitioner with professional training in metacognition. Studying with a wide variety of practitioners over the last 30 years, she is a fully certified teacher of meditation with a wealth of practical solutions to help still the mind and bring renewed clarity.

This six session course guides you through reframing techniques, awareness and focus and clarifies the different nature of mindfulness, meditation and yoga nidra or 'non-sleep-deep-rest' practices.

By the end of the course you will understand the nature of mind and be equipped to follow your own anchoring practice through practical sessions delivered in a small supportive group. 

Next course dates: tbc


Honesty Box Pricing for the full six-sessions - pay what you can afford



Level 1 - Pay it forward - £48

Level 2 - Full Price - £36

Level 3 - Need a Break - £24

Level 4 - Donation - £6

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